Create the next
Bored Ape Yacht Club

Build & launch NFT collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain while retaining full ownership of your work and without writing code.


Full Functionality, Zero Code

Everything you need, all in one place.

Generative or 1/1

Choose your own adventure! Moonr comes equipped with everything you need to create both types of NFT collections, with more options coming soon.

Custom Smart Contracts

Get your own battle-tested smart contract. Compatible with every major marketplace and optimized for the lowest gas fees your collectors have ever seen.

True Ownership

Ownership of your smart contract is immediatly & permanently transferred to you. Even if you delete your Moonr account, you retain full control of everything.

IPFS Pinning

All your collection's assets are automatically hosted on the IPFS network for eternal storage. No middlemen allowed.

Metadata & Rarity

If you're making a generative NFT collectible, Moonr allows you to add unlimited traits and customize the metadata and rarity of each via an easy-to-use interface.

Whitelists & Presales

Running a presale with Moonr is a breeze. Simply upload your whitelist via Moonr's interface to your smart contract, it won't even cost a dollar in gas fees.

Reveal Mechanics

Whether you're planning to reveal your NFT assets instantly or after a few days, Moonr can do both.

Testnet Deployment

Launch with confidence! Moonr allows you to test your smart contract on the Ethereum testnet before deploying to the main network.

Minting Page

Every project needs a page where collectors can mint NFTs. Moonr provides you with your own brandable minting page.

Marketplace Royalties

Allow collectors to sell minted NFTs on all major marketplaces and get royalties on every sale.

Control Panel

Track everything about your project and safely interact with your smart contract directly from your Moonr dashboard.

24/7 Support

A member of the Moonr team is available 24/7 to provide hands-on guidance before and after launch.

Ready to moon ?

Moonr is currently in private beta and onboarding a limited number of creators. Click the button below to get early access.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! All you have to do is upload your assets and click a button.

A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 25000.



Your Moonr dashboard allows you to safely & directly interact with your smart contract to withdraw funds, enable presales and public sales, upload a whitelist and more.

0.5 ETH is required to cover the gas used to deploy your smart contract. You will only be asked to pay this fee when your smart contract is ready to be deployed.

During the private beta, Moonr does not charge anything to use the software. Instead, we only take a 5% fee when you withdraw funds from your smart-contract.